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Virtonomics is a massively multi-user online business simulation of managing an industrial and trading company. The company can develop in completely different directions - extraction of natural resources and their primary processing, cultivation of agricultural products, production of semi-finished products and finished products, science, sales to end consumers. In each division of a virtual company, key business processes and functions are modeled: HR, production, marketing, sales, logistics, strategic management, finance, procurement, etc.

The unique feature of Virtonomics is that the development of the game world does not have a predetermined algorithm. Participants in their actions influence markets that are changing and, in turn, again affect the actions of other players. In addition, all participants are connected with each other - some real players act as buyers and sellers of products, equipment, raw materials and materials for other players. All this creates a realistic market environment, which is characterized by risk and uncertainty. All actions in the simulation are processed at regular intervals. This processing is called a recalculation. The time between recalculations is called a turn, during the turn you make decisions on managing virtual companies.

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