Questions about advertising and office/en

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What is an office for?

The office is responsible for managing the company's enterprises located in the region. Also, the office is engaged in advertising your products in the region.

I just started playing, set up an office, hired 4 people there, opened a shop with an area of 500 sq.m. and hired 30 salespeople. As a result, the efficiency is only 56%. How many employees should there be in the office and the store for the efficiency to be at least 80%?

For a shop with an area of 500 sq.m. for the first time, 10 sellers will be enough, which will ensure high work efficiency. Four managers in the office should also be enough. If there is only one store, then even two will be enough.

What is the best way to develop a brand for stores? Should each store do an advertising campaign, or a general one for the office?

Products are advertised in the office. Stores cannot be advertised there. Stores are advertised only individually.

Can't advertise a product, the page is empty. Why?

You can only advertise the product that you produce.

Does it make sense to develop the brand before the factory is finished?

Yes, it has. This will allow you to build brand awareness faster.

If you do not advertise for a long time, does brand awareness decrease?


I have a high sugar brand in Hamburg. I order sugar from my own farm to the store. Why is the brand of this sugar 0?

The brand does not apply to products released before the start of the brand's advertising campaign.