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I built different laboratories, researched technologies up to level 3, but I can't put them up for sale - the message "Operation completed with an error has been reached. The limit of possibilities for creating offers for the sale of technologies has been reached. To list this one, you need to withdraw the offer from at least one other." What does this all mean?

There is a limitation on the sale of technologies, the essence of which is as follows: if your qualification in the field of scientific research is less than or equal to 10, then you can simultaneously put up for sale no more than 10 technologies. If your qualification is higher than 10, then the maximum number of technologies put up for sale is equal to the level of your qualification in the field of scientific research.

If I built an enterprise with a 5th level of technology and now sell it to a company that does not have this technology, will the level of technology at the enterprise decrease?

Will not go down. But the new owner will not have this technology.

Developed the technology. Introduced it. If now I sell this technology, will it disappear from the manufacturing enterprises where it was introduced?

No, you will still own the technology.

I have two identical labs. But in one stage, preliminary research takes 3 turns, and in another in 6. In the first the 6th level of technology is researched, and in the second - the 5th. What's the matter here?

The following factors affect the rate of technology research: the popularity of the technology in the world, the availability of the technology for sale, your awareness of the previous level of technology, the method of acquiring it (purchase or research), your qualifications in the field of scientific research.

Why is the 3rd level of technology cheaper on the poultry farm than the 2nd?

The fact is that each time the price of a technology is different. This is due to the fact that the people who developed it in the laboratories set the cost based on personal calculations.

How to detach the test facility from the laboratory after development?

After completing the research, the laboratory itself will detach the enterprise.