Questions about agriculture/en

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I built a cowshed, bought cows, hired staff, bought feed. And the game says that cows are dying from lack of food. Why?

Animals arrive at the farm immediately after purchase, and feed only on the next turn. Therefore, so that the animals do not start to get sick, you must first buy food and only on the next turn - animals.

Why am I not purchasing feed from an independent supplier even though the order has been placed? As a result, the health of animals on my farms decreases.

Your company did not have enough working capital for a complete purchase for all enterprises. In order for the purchase to be guaranteed to pass, it is necessary to have an amount on the company's account that is almost equal to its turnover.

My farm animals get sick. There is enough food. Where do the diseases come from?

The quality of feed plays an important role in the causes of animal diseases. In order for the animals not to get sick, the quality of the feed should be at least half the quality of the animals.

I bought a level 2 technology for a farm. If I build another farm, do I have to buy technology again?

No, don’t. You can put the purchased technology on any number of farms.

How to improve the quality of existing cows?

The quality of existing cows cannot be improved at all. You need to buy or produce new ones.

How to improve the quality of the cows you produce? Maybe feed them better food?

Yes, this is one of the ways to improve the quality of our products. Although the influence of production technology still prevails. Also, pay attention to the efficiency of the farm - it directly affects the quality of the animals produced.