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Do you have a guide for beginners?

Of course. If you have questions about the game, see the "Help" section - Icon with a question mark in the upper right corner of the screen.

Can I transfer money from one player to another player?

No, this is prohibited by gaming law.

My friend started playing Virtonomics too. If I help him by buying his products at overly increased price, will that be considered a violation?

Yes, of course. But if you write a letter to the administration, and explain the essence of the operation, and they will allow it - then everything will be legal.

How do I restart the game?

In order to Restart go to Settings (gray icon in the upper right corner) / My data / Restart. This operation can be performed only once a day.

How can I continue the game-play? I don't understand how I can proceed to the next day.

You cannot do it yourself. The next round will come after the update of the game situation on the server. The game situation is updated daily at the same time. During the update, the server calculates the results of all player transactions and all changes in the market situation. You can find out about the time before the start of the recalculation in the upper right corner of the screen.

How long does it take in the game in one real day?

One real day is equal to one virtual game week.

How to speed up time?

Game time flows the same for all players. It cannot be accelerated. But for beginners, for an intensive game mode and faster mastering of Virtonomics, there is a special game server with an intensive Demo game mode. On the Demo server, the game situation is updated every hour, and, accordingly, the game time flows 24 times faster than on the main game servers.

How long does recalculation last?

Approximately 2 hours.

Is there a Virtonomics mobile app?

Yes, there is a TWA app for Android. You can install it through the Google Play marketplace. For Apple, the app is also coming soon.

How does the game calculate the cost of goods produced?

The cost of production is calculated as follows: (cost of raw materials + wages to workers + fuel and energy costs + waste and losses + general production costs + administrative costs) / the amount of products produced.

How to estimate transportation costs? Relatively speaking, there is a unit of goods worth X; how much will it cost to transport it from point A to point B, taking into account transport, customs and other costs?

Use the report, which is located on the "Transport" tab of the Analytics -> Macroeconomic indicators page.

How to buy a production unit?

Enter the game menu and select the menu item My company / Markets / Enterprise market. There you will see all the companies for sale and you can buy a suitable one.}}

How to buy a store from a bankrupt company? I can't do it.

If you cannot buy a store, it means that it is worthless - it has no fame, there are no goods in its warehouse. You can open such store yourself.

I want to organize production. What is the best thing to produce and how much money will it take?

More or less efficient production requires at least 2-3 million to start. To create efficient production without any problems, you will need about 100 million and 3-4 experience points. Agriculture is not that expensive.

What is a license? How buying a license differs from buying technology?

Unlike a technology purchase that is company-wide, a license is limited to one specific business unit. The advantage of using licenses is their price, which is lower than the cost of purchasing technology (example: a mill of technology level 10 - technology will cost 36 million, while license will cost 50 thousand). Therefore, the purchase of licenses is recommended for beginners.

I want to purchase a license for an enterprise, how can I find out exactly how much this or that license costs?

You can see the exact amount by following the path "Analytics" -> "Market analysis" -> "Technologies". There, you can select the specialization and technology level you need and click on "Results of the past day". As you can see the words Demand and Supply are links. By clicking on them, you will see the exact amounts at which players are selling or looking for licenses. Pay attention - these are just yesterday's completed totals.

How do Skills grow?

The growth of Skills depends on how well you perform in the given field of the Skill.

How can I hire employees?

Open the required department and click on the link Employees and salary. In following window, set the required number of employees and determine their salary.

Is it possible to sell products to different companies at different prices?

There is a rule: one company - one shipping price. You can organize a discounted shipping option for a specific customer. This is done in the following way: in the enterprise set the sale mode as "for certain companies", set a discount price and indicate the buying company, which will receive production at discounted price. After that, you can build a warehouse, and ship the leftovers. In the warehouse you can sell your production at "standard" price for all other buyers. You can also do the opposite: from the enterprise sell for everyone, and from the warehouse - for a specific company.

Does the supplier have the right to refuse delivery of goods without giving any reason?

Yes, the supplier has that right.

How long will it take for the product to arrive after order is placed?

The next day, after the recalculation. Provided that you have enough money to pay for the delivery and if the supplier has enough production. Equipment is an exception. All types of equipment (including animals) are bought instantly.

Does it make sense to order products from suppliers if they have' 0 'in the Free column?

This action has no special meaning. Zero means that the supplier currently has no resources available for order execution. They may appear tomorrow, in the event that someone cancels the order or the supplier expands production. It is also possible that you will receive a higher priority from the supplier - but this is unlikely.

Why when I look in "Reports / Retail in cities" '(country, city I indicate everything) - my company is not there?'

The point is that this report displays only 10 stores with the highest sales.

How can I see a product brand, cost and quality on average in the city?

This information can be seen in the marketing report under Trade in cities .

The game displays the following message: "The office is not working, the efficiency of the new office employees requires additional evaluation." What to do?

Office efficiency data will be updated only after recalculation. Then the real efficiency of the office will be shown. Until we have to wait.

Why are the products in stock not displayed in the list of suppliers in the' 'my' 'tab when I set the option' sell only to my company '? The product appears only after specifying the sales price from the warehouse. It seems to me that it is not entirely correct to sell goods to yourself.

An enterprise in Virtonomics is an independent economic unit. The supplier enterprise can sell the goods to the customer enterprise at a clearly defined price. If the price is not determined, the trade cannot take place.

How do I get a job with another member?

At the moment, the labor market in the game is not implemented.

Are employees working during training?

Yes, they do.

Why are warehouses needed? How are they beneficial?

Warehouses help to organize deliveries to a chain of stores or to groups of similar enterprises. You can set up deliveries from the warehouse once, and then only change the volume of purchases - this saves time. Warehouses also allow you to create a buffer stock of raw materials and goods.

In addition, warehouses, in fact, are a mechanism that makes it possible to release the same products at different prices. For example, if you want to supply products from your factory to your own stores a little higher than the cost price, "throwing out" the surplus on the market at a higher price, then this can be done only through warehouses.

What is an Independent Vendor? Why is he on the list of suppliers? What function does it have?

Without independent suppliers, initial development would be very difficult. They now perform the function of regulating the market.

Is it possible to buy high-end tech immediately? Or first you buy the 2nd, then the 3rd and so on ...

You can buy any available technology level. But the higher the technology, the higher the requirements for the qualifications of workers, equipment and, accordingly, for the qualifications of a manager. In addition, if you yourself are going to engage in technological development, you should be aware that "skipped" levels negatively affect the speed of new technologies discovery.

What is the benefit of a franchise? Indeed, it does not affect the quality and volume of products.

The franchise gives a bonus to the product brand in all cities.

Does the game have such a thing as "investment"? Can I buy shares of any company?

An investment in the game is the construction of units and the purchase of equipment. There is no stock market in the game yet.

How can I move the produced cows from the additional pens to the main one, bypassing the buy / sell operation?

No way. This is the only way.

If you start to increase the size of the plant, does it stop working during the restructuring?

Doesn't stop. The expansion proceeds in parallel with the operation of the plant.

If I cancel the construction of an enterprise, will I get the money spent on it?

Funds already spent on construction will not be returned.

Why is my business unit listed for sale as "BANKRUPT COMPANY" if I have $14,979,127.13 in my account?

If you transferred funds to the company's account today, then it will come out of the state of 'bankruptcy' only next round.