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Virtonomics™ – is a free massively multi-user economic online game. Our players create commercial networks, industrial holdings and business alliances. The goal of the game is to successfully manage your own business in virtual conditions that are extremely close to reality.

Virtonomics™ – is not only a perfect economic simulation, but also a unique space for communication and education, a place where you can establish new business connections and gain useful experience.

To play Virtonomics you need an updated web-browser (we strongly recommend Mozilla Firefox, but it works with other browsers as well).


After registration you can choose one or several game worlds (realms)- Virtonomics Entrepreneur, Virtonomics Tycoon or Virtonomics Business War. These realms were created at different time, therefore their level of economic development, update time, game geography, goods variety etc. differ as well. Servers exist independently: you cannot transfer funds, enterprises or qualification. However, you can use same account to play in different realms.


By playing Virtonomics™ you can try various economic sectors: Production, Agriculture, Mining, Science research or Commerce. You can read more about each sector in corresponding part of game Help.

There are two kinds of production: initial (mining, logging, agriculture) and secondary (production of half-finished and finished goods, animal breeding). Most profitable strategy - is construction of production chains which involve several production fields. The more complicated production is, the longer the chain must be. For example, the longest chain is production of Cars. Science research can improve quality of produced goods. However, before starting any science research, you need to create a reliable source of income — profit from science research is not stable.

Commerce (trade) — is the most quick and fastest way to earn stable income. To succeed in this field you need a store, which can sell ANY goods you want to city customers (city population).


Virtonomics™ game world consists of multiple countries, which are divided into cities and regions. Every city is the center of business activity: variety of enterprises produce consumer goods, extract natural resources and harvest agricultural products. Cities create the stage for retail and wholesale trade. You can open any kind of enterprise in any city you like, but we strongly recommend that you study information about the city in advance (average salary, wealth and education index). If you want to know more, go to Virtonomics world map.

It is important to note, that certain regions and countries have unique features, like additional quality bonus to certain goods, limitations to open certain subdivisions or their maximum size. You can find that information in Analytics > Bonuses and restrictions.


Time in the game is discrete. Depending on the game mode - 1 (classic model) or 24 (intensive model) moves are done in one real day. Each turn is equal to one game week (7 virtual days). The chronology of the game is continuous, the current game date of the game, in the upper right corner of the panel, counts from January 1, 00. During the day, after the recalculation is complete, you free to make changes to the activities of your enterprises, study new information and make appropriate decisions at any convenient time.

The timer showing time left before the end of the turn and start of recalculation in the game can be found on the top menu bar. When a new turn starts, the game situation begins to be recalculated. After the end of the recalculation, the game date and the game situation changes simultaneously for all players. The duration of the recalculation may vary depending on the activity of the players and the volume of change in the global world. No change in the game during recalculation is possible, access to all management and analytics functions is closed.