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STRUCTURES - special buildings, facilities and objects associated with your business unit or company, and giving various bonuses and additional gaming opportunities. The number and set of buildings built is one of the most important indicators of the player's level and the scale of his business. The construction of structures is carried out by the forces of construction teams (builders), which the player distributes between various construction projects.

Examples of structures types: Quality control department (Business Unit Booster), Corporate University (Corporate Facility), Eiffel Tower (Landmark), Large Hadron Collider (Technological Wonder)

To build any structure, you need to start a construction project. Each construction project has two stages:

Run-UP - the stage of purchasing the required amount of building materials and equipment;

Construction - to start the construction of a structure, you need to assign construction teams (builders) to it. The total number of available builders depends on the top manager's "Construction" skills. The construction time of a structure depends on the size of the structure and the number of builders involved.

The start of the construction of 1-st Level structures (business unit boosters) is initiated from the business unit control panel or from the Construction Plant interface. The start of construction of structures of the 2nd Level and higher is carried out only from the Construction Plant.

Each construction project has its own original "recipe", which may include both building materials and equipment, and various conditions for launching a project - certain skills of a top manager, the presence of certain units in the company and other requirements.


The maximum number of parallel construction projects is limited by the skills of your top manager in the "Construction" area: 1 project for every 10 values ​​of the skill level.


The more teams are involved in a construction project, the faster the construction speed. The dependence of the construction speed on the builders involved is not linear.


The complexity of the construction of a structure depends on its type, level and size. The duration of construction depends on the number of teams that are aimed at building the structure and the quality of the building materials used.


Depending on the type and level of the structure, it can affect certain parameters of an individual business unit or the entire company, or provide additional bonuses and gaming opportunities.

Each type of structure has a unique effect of influencing a business unit, company, or game character.

A special condition for business unit boosters: the maximum effect of a structure is achieved when the size of the structure matches the size of the business unit.


The quality of the building materials used can add up to 33% faster construction. The rate of dynamics of the acceleration of construction depends on the quality of your building materials in comparison with competitors.


At the stage of preparation for the start of construction (Run-Up), you need to provide your project with building materials and equipment. For this, a Construction Site is created, which incurs the costs of purchasing and storing construction materials, these costs are displayed in the Construction Site financial report.

During the construction phase, materials are evenly consumed each round until the construction of the structure is completed. In this case, storage costs are charged on the rest of the materials. The Construction Site also carries out the costs of paying salaries to builders. The salary of builders depends on the average salary in the city in which the facility is being constructed.